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February 28, 2006

Bush: Bin Laden helped me, book says - Feb 28, 2006

Link: CNN.com - Bush: Bin Laden helped me, book says - Feb 28, 2006.

President Bush said his 2004 re-election victory over Sen. John Kerry was inadvertently aided by Osama bin Laden, The Washington Examiner newspaper reported Tuesday.The al Qaeda leader had issued a taped diatribe against Bush the Friday before Americans went to the pollsBush said there were "enormous amounts of discussion" inside his campaign about the 15-minute tape, which he called "an interesting entry by our enemy" into the presidential race.Bush's comments in the Washington newspaper were excerpts from the new book "Strategery" by Bill Sammon, a longtime White House correspondent."What does it mean? Is it going to help? Is it going to hurt?" Bush told Sammon of the bin Laden tapes. "Anything that drops in at the end of a campaign that is not already decided creates all kinds of anxieties, because you're not sure of the effect."I thought it was going to help," Bush said. "I thought it would help remind people that if bin Laden doesn't want Bush to be the president, something must be right with Bush."

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February 27, 2006

ABC News: Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obsesses About Her

For the first time in my life, I agree with Karl Rove. There IS a brittleness to Hillary Clinton.

But, what do you expect? She's had to sit through Bill's dabbling's all her life... sure she's gonna be brittle.

And, that might be what we want to fight terrorism. You do the math.

Link: ABC News: Sen. Clinton Says Rove Obsesses About Her.

In the new book out Monday from Regnery Publishing, "Strategery" by Bill Sammon, Rove is quoted as saying: "Anybody who thinks that she's not going to be the candidate is kidding themselves."

Rove is also quoted as says he thinks Clinton could have difficulty in the general election, in part, because there is a "brittleness about her."

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Vets getting screwed by Bush Admin

If you're one of those fuckers with a Support Our Troops magnet on your car;

1) Take the fucking magnet off.

2) REALLY support our troops and vote the R's out.

Link: Veterans May Face Health Care Cuts in 2008 - Yahoo! News.

At least tens of thousands of veterans with non-critical medical issues could suffer delayed or even denied care in coming years to enable President Bush to meet his promise of cutting the deficit in half %u2014 if the White House is serious about its proposed budget.

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ABC News: Govs. Press Bush on Nat'l Guard Strength

Link: ABC News: Govs. Press Bush on Nat'l Guard Strength.

"I can't thank you enough for not only supporting the troops in harm's way, but providing great comfort to the families as well," Bush told the governors before going into a private meeting to answer a few of their questions.

What a moron.

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Iran: US should give up nukes

How would have thought that Iran had some sense...

Link: ABC News: Iran Leader: U.S. Should Give Up Nukes.

�Iran's president said Monday that his country supports calls for making the Middle East a nuclear arms-free zone, but he also urged the United States and Russia to give up all their atomic weapons as a threat to the region's stability.

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February 21, 2006

12 year-old's scienc project - an ABP PSA

Link: ABC News: Fast-Food Ice Dirtier Than Toilet Water.

In several cases, the ice tested positive for E. coli bacteria, which comes from human waste and has been linked to several illness outbreaks across the country.

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The 2005 Slate 60: Donations - The 60 largest American charitable contributions of the year. Compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy

Link: The 2005 Slate 60: Donations - The 60 largest American charitable contributions of the year. Compiled by the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

The 2005 Slate 60: DonationsThe 60 largest American charitable contributions of the year.

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February 16, 2006


Link: Pot edges cherries in value as a state agricultural product.

Law enforcement officers harvested a dubious record last year: enough marijuana plants to rank the illegal weed as Washington state's No. 8 agricultural commodity, edging sweet cherries in value. The 135,323 marijuana plants seized in 2005 were estimated to be worth $270 million -- a record amount that places the crop among the state's top 10 agricultural commodities, based on the most recent statistics available. And like any agricultural product, marijuana is very much a commodity, Lt. Rich Wiley, who heads the Washington State Patrol narcotics program, said Wednesday. "We're struck by the amount of work they put into it," Wiley said. "It's very labor-intensive. They often run individual drip lines to each plant and are out there fertilizing them. It takes a tremendous amount of work."

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February 09, 2006

ABC News: Bush Offers Detail of 2002 Attack Plot

So the question is... where does Iraq factor in to this supposed plot to bomb Los Angeles.

Answer: nowhere.

Link: ABC News: Bush Offers Detail of 2002 Attack Plot.

He said that Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks who was captured in 2003, had already begun planning the West Coast operation in October, just after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. One of Mohammed's key planners was Hambali, the alleged operations chief of the al-Qaida related terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah. Instead of recruiting Arab hijackers, Hambali found Southeast Asian men who would be less likely to arouse suspicion and who were sent to meet with Osama bin Laden, Bush said. Under the plot, the hijackers were to use shoe bombs to blow open the cockpit door of a commercial jetliner, take control of the plane and crash it into the Library Tower in Los Angeles, since renamed the US Bank Tower, Bush said.

The president said the plot was derailed when a Southeast Asian nation arrested a key al-Qaida operative. Bush did not name the country or the operative.
Bush has been on a campaign to defend his controversial domestic monitoring program. But the White House would not say whether the 2002 plot was thwarted as a result of the National Security Agency program to eavesdrop on the international emails and phone calls of people inside the United States with suspected ties to terrorists.
Bush said only that "subsequent debriefings and other intelligence operations" after the arrest of the unnamed operative led to information about the plot, and to the capture of other ringleaders and operatives involved in it. Hambali, for instance, was captured in Thailand in 2003 and handed over to the United States.

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Could marijuana be legalized in Nevada?

I hope this works... it'll be interesting to see how much street crime will go down. Everybody will be too loaded on HoHo's to

Link: Could marijuana be legalized in Nevada?.

A campaign to legalize marijuana in Nevada begins Tuesday. The Committee to Regulate and Control Marijuana wants to make it legal for adults 21 and older to use marijuana in the privacy of their own homes. They also want to set up a system where marijuana can be sold and taxed in smoke shops. Now the group will try to convince Nevadans it's a good idea.

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