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December 02, 2005

Bush extols his AIDS initiative, while Letterman/Oprah say it's "not even a drop in the bucket"

Last night, much to Oprah Winfrey's surprise, David Letterman questioned Oprah about the AIDS crisis and the President's "plan" for helping 400,000 in Africa. With that he said, "isn't that just a drop in the bucket?".

Oprah: "It's not even a drop in the bucket".

Link: Bush extols his AIDS initiative / He says program will bring drugs to 2 million by 2009.

President Bush said Thursday that his 2-year-old overseas AIDS initiative had brought antiviral drugs to 400,000 HIV-infected people in Africa and was on track to treat 2 million by early 2009. If the numbers are accurate -- and there is skepticism about their accuracy among Bush administration critics -- the program is well on its way to treating more AIDS patients in Africa than the estimated 450,000 Americans who take the costly medications to fight the illness in the United States.

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