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March 30, 2005

Colin Powell: "perhaps we made too much noise"

I love when these guys talk about it in "retrospect" narrative. Apparently their hindsight is better then their leadership and vision in the moment.

Or, he was just too much of a woosy... you pick.

Link: Top News Article | Reuters.com.

The United States made errors in presenting its case for war against Iraq, but Saddam Hussein had to be removed, former Secretary of State Colin Powell told a German magazine.

"We were sometimes too loud, too direct, perhaps we made too much noise," Powell told Stern magazine in an interview released on Wednesday. "That certainly shocked the Europeans sometimes."

He said terms like "Old Europe," the expression coined by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld to describe countries such as France and Germany which opposed the war, had not helped ease European concerns about Washington's policies.

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