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February 24, 2005

The ABP Fart Proudly Read of the Day

Link: American Politics Journal -- Leave Jeff Gannon Alone!.

While Gannon has been summarily dismissed from the White House corps, there are still so many questions left unasked. Who in the liberal-anti-gay military escort media will step up to fill the void and be bold enough to grill President Bush with the questions everyone else is afraid to ask? And when will we realize instead of shaming Gannon for his efforts we should be thanking him for unlocking the closet door of the unqualified?

So people, let's not be so quick to criticize. Let us not ask "How the hell did an inexperienced, so-called journalist with a sordid background get White House access and called-on by President Bush in secured press conferences?"

Instead let's ask, "Why can't we?"

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