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December 28, 2004

Rummy makes a Woopsy

Raw Story and Blue Lemer are both a "grain of salt" type of publication... but, they're correct more often then wrong.

Link: Secretary Rumsfeld says Sept. 11 flight over Pennsylvania was ’shot down’.

In either a gargantuan slip of the tongue or a momentous gaffe departing from the Bush Administration-approved timeline, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told troops in Iraq that the Sept. 11 flight over Pennsylvania was “shot down,” RAW STORY has discovered.

The quote was found in CNN’s transcript of a video of the Secretary’s visit to Camp Victory in Baghdad. The audio is available from National Public Radio (skip to 3:30) here.

Rumsfeld appears to suggest that terrorists shot down Flight 93, the flight immortalized with the possibly inaccurate “let’s roll” tale in which passengers struggled to retake the plane, driving it into the ground.

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