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December 29, 2004

A Message to our Troops

If you read through the ABP you can see that we truly do support our troops. Anti-war, Pro-troops. That's us.

But, with our troops apparently voting 4-to-1 in favor of Bush it's time to say something to the troops;

Dear Troops,

First we support you. We've supported you all along. That's why we chose to go democrat this past presidential election.

You see, your brothers and sisters are dying in Iraq. And, for what? I know you think you're there to protect the United States, but from what? Saddam Hussein?  Turns out that he could have done nothing more then sold oil for personal financial gain. Ahem... sounds like the business Bush Sr and Jr were in before politics? Right?

So, you can't have lunch with out being worried about a suicide bomber?

You do not have the right armor to protect you from loss of limb or life?

Your Secretary of Defense doesn't care that you have to fish for metal in waste dumps to armor your Humvees?

You're separated from your families longer then you were told you would be?

You want to retire, but the military won't let you?

You were only supposed to be called-up to active duty in case of "National Emergency", but you've been in Iraq for 6 months with no sign of coming home?

You were told you were liberators, but the people of Iraq want you dead, gone or both?

You're fighting to keep oil pipelines from being blown up, but Americans back home are still buying Hummers that consume more and more of the very fluid you're dying for?

You watched a buddy die a week ago for no good reason?

You are walking on an artificial leg now?

You are learning to write with your left hand because your writing hand was blown off?

Well, troops, it appears you voted for him. As one of your brethren said, "you break it, you bought it."  And, it appears that your lack of personal insight has contributed to keeping a broken administration in office. You'll pay for it now. And, you'll continue to pay while you're on active duty.

Thanks troops, you own him now.

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