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November 14, 2004

Carville's Egg

James Carville pisses me off sometimes.

But, every now and then the guy really shows-up.

After viewing his "prediction" of the '04 elections, Carville pulled an egg out of a bag at his side and slapped it on his head. "Well, I've got egg on my face."

He may be unbelievably eccentric... but, he sure is entertaining!

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I am personnally tired of Mr. Carville and his 90's-style politicking. Time to move on - and time for the blog to help make the direction of the progressives a winner. Mr. Carville has NEVER provided that. As much as I like Clinton, in another life, he would have been a moderate Republican.

Posted by: Aurona at Nov 15, 2004 2:27:37 PM