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October 29, 2004

RNC Voter Fraud - Ohio

So, if you've lost your home under this administration, you can't vote. If you're serving in Iraq, you can't vote.

That's the position of the Republican Party.

CNN.com - Registrations of soldier, homeless challenged  - Oct 28, 2004

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- One voter picks up letters at the post office because trucks kept hitting his mailbox. Another serves in Iraq. Hundreds more are homeless, listing shelters as permanent addresses.

All are among the 35,000 whose eligibility has been challenged by the Ohio Republican Party. Because mail came back undelivered, the GOP says, those registrations could be fraudulent. Democrats say the GOP is trying to keep poor and minorities, who move more often, from voting.

A federal judge put a temporarily halt to the challenges Wednesday, ruling in favor of Democrats who said the GOP was targeting new voters registered by political groups supporting Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic challenger to President Bush. U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott ruled that six county elections boards should stop hearings scheduled this week in Ohio, a hotly contested state in the presidential election.

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How can I help the people of Ohio not settle for this contreversial election when their votes were gravely manipulated. God Bless America

Posted by: brian at Nov 6, 2004 11:48:32 AM