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March 23, 2004

Analysis of Bush/Cheney "Troops" Ad

The Bush/Cheney campaign is really going to town. We keep waiting for the Kerry ads. In the meantime, we will offer the analysis on the latest “Troops” attack ad from Bush/Cheney.

The ABP has hyperlinked it’s sources.

Ad; “Few votes in Congress are as important as funding our troops at war. Though John Kerry voted in October of 2002 for military action in Iraq , he later voted against funding our soldiers”.

It is true that Kerry voted to grant President Bush authority to use force. And, it’s also true that Kerry voted against the $87 billion package for additional funding of the war. At least, he voted against this one vote of $87 billion, but approved the $87 billion, and in fact co-sponsored a bill to approve the $87 billion. More on that below.

However, the ad goes on to say that Kerry voted “no” on “body armor for troops in combat”, voted “no” on “higher combat pay”, and voted “no” on “better health care for reservists and their families”.

This is where the ad takes mind-bending liberties (thank God for the First Amendment, eh?). Kerry could not get a budget estimate that he felt was reliable from the White House or the Pentagon. Kerry stated during the debate on the vote that the $87 billion figure was not adequate. He also stated that the Bush administration put 40,000 plus American soldiers in Iraq under-equipped (as was earlier stated in the much heralded testimony by Army General John Abizaid, Chief of the U.S. Central Command). He actually wantedmore and accurate information from both the White House and the Pentagon before he could approve the vote. Kerry also did not feel the American government could not pay for the $87 billion with out going further in the red.

In turn, Kerry had co-sponsored a bill with Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) and six other Senators to approve the $87 billion and to pay for part of it by reversing the Bush tax cut for the wealthiest American’s making $400,000 or more a year. That measure was rejected 57-42.

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