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March 04, 2004

Already with the 9/11 Images?

George Bush’s new ads show nothing about what he has done while in office. A special part of the commercial is a coffin draped in the American flag being carried out of ground zero.

First on 9/11: it’s simply unthinkable to use a dead body, from a national tragedy, to illustrate a point. Period. It’s sick, it’s wrong and it shouldn’t be done. I’m not suggesting we ignore it. But, there are people who are still hurting (children), and we ought to think of them. I’m sure the democrats will do something stupid like this too. But, c’mon. Give it a rest.

The ad states that in Bush’s first month he was faced with a recession. Wrong. According to his own office of the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, the economy began it’s recession in March, not January. Two months after he started office. And, don’t forget, Cheney jump-started recession talk during the last campaign by stating that the country was already in a recession. That wasn’t true either, but it didn’t help the economy to have the people taking office already expression no confidence in the economy.

Another ad states, “What sees us through tough times? Freedom, faith, families and sacrifice”. This is surreal. The war in Iraq shattered international faith in America to lead. And, families have sacrificed in a big way by watching members of the military be bogged down in an absolute quagmire in Iraq.

The Bush/Cheney “Big Ad”, a sixty-second Bush voice over appearing tonight on networks across the country, has a line in it by the president that economic growth makes it more likely that a jobseeker will find work. No!? Really? Despite how obvious this is, the current administration has presided over disappointing job growth, even though the economy has attempted a comeback over the last two years. As point of fact, the country still has 2.2 million less jobs then it did when Bush/Cheney took office.

Granted these ads are the beginning. The ABP sees this first volley as a massive softball in a season that is sure to be reminiscent of steroid-driven hardball.

We give the attack ads 90 days. The only bet is, which candidate goes negative first?

Send us feedback via email or post here on the site and we’ll handicap it in the next week.

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Kerry/Undecided will run the attack ads first. Which will then give Bush/Cheney the opportunity to destroy Mr. Waffle. Expect a not-so-close election with Bush/Cheney not needing a re-count to prove they're the absolute winners.

Posted by: Tank at Mar 4, 2004 7:43:45 AM

I only hope you go after Kerry as well. They're both bound to be lying up a storm at election time.

Posted by: Terrell at Mar 4, 2004 7:47:02 AM

Wrong - MoveOn will run ads first saying the re-Selection of Bush/Cheney will be bad bad bad for the country. But I don't think the Dems will run 9/11 images. After all, it was the Republican National Committee who had to have the convention in New York - not in July, not in August, but in September - right before 9/11. Governor Pataki was attempting to lay a cornerstone (that was nixed), Prez Bush was going to give his speech from that area (that too nixed), and least we not forget, Tom Delay was going to have the "floating cruise ships" where they could "entertain" with all their lobbyist entourage (in a secure environment), but that was nixed (after the mayor got a little uppity with no hotel revenue and the locals thought it was crass by not wanting to mix with the locals).

Will this be a tasteful campaign? Doubtful. But look out - one attack dog, Karen Hughes is already making the morning tv rounds. But geesh, if that is the best ad for the first month the republican campaign has, maybe they should get some help. I hear Michael Eisner has some free time now.

Posted by: UberLib at Mar 4, 2004 11:53:19 AM

I don't care who run the attacks first. I hope they don't. But, they will. I think whomever does first should receive a double hit back though.

Posted by: Linda at Mar 4, 2004 12:33:52 PM

The families are outraged. No democrat nor republican should feast on the blood of the fallen in this attack. It happened on Bush's watch, and he is only giving one hour to the 9/11 commission. Somehow, these ads just don't seem like the correct thing to do.

Posted by: philippa at Mar 6, 2004 10:38:06 AM