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February 09, 2004

Minister of Culture checks in!

Ken Gruberman, the ABP's Minister of Culture, checks in with some thoughts on Janet, Justin and the state of affairs in the "music" industry:

Noticed that Justin Timberlake was on the Grammy show. Where was Janet?
Maybe because this is America and she was a girl, and black, and he assaulted
her, that she got punished?

Timberlake is SUCH a weasel. First he said it was no big deal, then he said
it was an "unfortunate wardrobe malfunction," then he said yes, they planned
it but he thought she'd have a red bra on underneath, then he said he didn't
see what was wrong in giving America something to talk about. All that in
less than one week. Finally, he was given the ultimatum by Grammy officials
that, if he wanted to be on the show, he had to apologize on the show. Janet
said she'd been apologizing all week and enough was enough so screw off --
and boycotted the show. Timberlake went on the show and apologized. So that
would make him… a two-faced, lying suck-up? This is the kind of guy who,
during World War II, would found Jews in hiding and then turned them into
the SS in exchange for a gig in Berlin.

I'm sure I can think of worse to say about him soon; I haven't even bothered
to discuss his music.

Well, OK, while on I'm on the subject -- have you noticed his entire solo
career has been built on the dead rotting bones of Michael Jackson? His song
structure, his lyric content, even his dance moves, are all warmed-over
Jackson stuff from the 80's -- but girls still are all agog over this guy? I
haven't seen anything this tragic since Pat Boone made a career off covers
of Little Richard and Chuck Berry songs! The fact that Janet agreed to duet
with this little turd only makes me more confused about where she's coming
from. *SIGH*

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Um...who could predict something such as 9/11? Are you so ignorant to say that other examples aren't better than what we've got making predicitions now? Could YOU really predict that?

Posted by: at Feb 20, 2004 2:20:58 AM