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February 26, 2004

"It's a States Rights Issue"

Can somebody please explain what the argument is against gay marriage? I’ve got gay friends that have been in, get this – ‘cause it’s fascinating, only one committed relationship for 10 plus years! I know, I know. Us straight folks sit and look at this and think, “I wish more heterosexuals would be as committed and focused on keeping their families together”.

Offering a Constitutional Amendment to America’s most sacred text is, at best, a terrible legacy for the Bush Administration. Tinkering with our Constitution for what? Are we, as a public, so afraid of what could happen to our families if gay couples are allowed the basic civil rights other couples are allowed?

Calling it a “fundamental institution”, the President’s action, for the first time in researched history, actually looks to take rights away by limiting civil rights for people of a different sexuality then his own. Writing bias in to the Constitution is, bar none, the scariest thing that could happen to this country.

Granted, it’s not going to happen. Requiring 2/3 approval from the both the House and the Senate, this Amendment is simply not going to go through. Some Republicans have already stated they feel this is a States Rights issue and not a federal issue (oddly, agreeing with Howard Dean).

So, why put this out there? Bush, who has continued to alienate his conservative party with massive deficit spending, is trying his best to hit a hot-button issue to rally his base. This would be that issue.

But, I thought it was a “States Rights Issue”? Well, President Bush seems to have thought that too. And, he thought that 11 months prior to taking office, and while running for President.

President Bush on Larry King, February 15, 2000:
Larry King: “So, therefore, if the states were voting on gay marriage, you would suggest to that state not to approve it.”
(Then) Governor Bush: “The State can do what they want to do. Don’t try to trap me in the State’s issue like you’re trying to get me in here.”

Hold on, what?

Is anybody seeing this "straight"?

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Like Father, Like Son; Willie Horton for #41, and Gay Marriage for #43. This will only stick to Republicans' feet, as the senate basically wants nothing to do with it. These types of Lee Atwater-Karl Rove driven culture wars will not keep their base together. All you have to do is look at the great job he's doing the economy and fiscal responsibility, just to name two. That's not counting the Iraq War not included in the WH budgeteer's list this year.

If only John Kerry, John Edwards, Stephanie Herseth and the like would stop bending over backwards (and odd choice of words to be sure) in their lack of support of gay marriage. What are you guys, anyway? Wusses? If you would have stood tall, this would have blown over without you making bigger asses of yourself. And here I thought that was hard to do after the Kerry/Edwards Iraq vote..

Still - even with the milquetoast crowd, its better than a Bush.

Posted by: UberLiberal at Feb 27, 2004 12:00:21 PM