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January 23, 2004

Substance? Anybody?

Last night I was one of the idiots that elected to watch the Diane Sawyer interview with Howlin' Howard Dean and his wife.

Aside from learning a little about her (emphasis on 'little'), I was amazed that Diane Sawyer treated this interview exactly like she did her Michael Jackson interview from way back when ... a couple of questions, no substantive follow-through, and zero questions on issues. ZERO!

I watched that interview again this morning (I TiVo'd the thing) just to see if I was grumpy or something. Nope, still no substance. Plus, the editing was unreal. They chopped both Dean's off during conversation on a minimum of 9 occassions (at which point I quit counting).

Where's the journalism?

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You were expecting real journalism? Comeon! Its Diane the whiney...

On the other hand, the thought of Kerry getting trounced in November is not appealing. The GOP is very quiet right now regarding Kerry - they want to get rid of Dean first. Kerry is a Skull & Bones guy from Yale - just like Dubya. Let me see...between the sheeple seeing the ever-tanned and rested prez or the scarecrow on a tv debate - who will they pick? Sound like Kennedy & Nixon? Maybe.

Posted by: UberLiberal at Jan 24, 2004 11:40:35 AM