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January 29, 2004

Primary Colors (think green, or the lack of it)

The argument on Howard Dean is becoming crystal clear; if he can’t manage a campaign chest of $40 million, how the hell is he going to handle the unbelievable emergency of a national deficit while in a war on terror?

And, then there’s the treatment of his staff. No checks to his staff because he was approximately $3 million in the hole. In other words, his campaign was running something called a “deficit”.

It appears that the spending was not properly monitored from Joe Trippi and his staff. However, the buck stops with Dean. And, I don’t think he would want it any other way.

The damage now is done. The campaign is as close to an asterisk as it can get. This makes way for either a Kerry sweep, or (hopefully) a battle between Kerry and Edwards. Clark, it seems, may never get on message. And, Lieberman shouldn’t even get on a plane at this point.

But, let’s be real clear about one thing; don’t count Dean out. If he manages to carry Washington (and he can), and somehow pulls off Michigan (and he can), there may be some heavy breathing again from the media… and a new “comeback kid” will emerge.

All of this changes from day-to-day because Karl Rove has, rather impressively, scheduled Bush to be shadow-campaigning against all the democrats. Essentially showing up in the same states the democrats are campaigning in to send his own message out.

This is going to be one helluva general election.

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