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January 27, 2004

Dennis Miller - big change

I watched the premier of the new CNBC Dennis Miller show yesterday, then I watched day 2. And, the change was fairly remarkable. Soft-peddling his questions, letting the debate linger between his guests while he sat by and watched, and backing way off of the giggling Naomi Wolf.

Because of his obvious shift in style, it makes you wonder what he really stands for. He has said he's giving President Bush a "pass" because he "likes the guy". And, I'm thinking he's kicking back and saying that he's going to be all over the map until he gets his act together enough to bump the ratings that are non-existant.

In either event, the purpose of this entry is to simply point-out how lame media is in America. What a joke this comedian-cum-talk show host is. And, I'm sure he's pleased he's being spoken of... again.

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Please stop Naomi Wolf's mouth - better yet - get rid of her completely. A good debate is always welcome but to dominate and say nothing is ridiculous.

Posted by: B. Turner at Jan 30, 2004 12:55:27 AM