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September 29, 2005

Poll: Casey maintains lead over Santorum

I'm sure Frist and DeLame's "issues" are of little help to him. (tee hee)

Link: mcall.com - Poll: Casey maintains lead over Santorum.

Poll: Casey maintains lead over Santorum

Of The Morning Call

With a little more than a year left before the 2006 elections, Democrat Bob Casey Jr. leads Rick Santorum in the race for Santorum's U.S. Senate seat, with more than a third of Pennsylvania voters undecided on their preference, according to a Morning Call/Muhlenberg College Institute of Public Opinion survey.

The race is marked by stark partisan divide, with strong Republican support for Santorum and solid Democratic backing of Casey. Among non-affiliated voters Casey appears to have a lead over Santorum, although a large portion of this key voting block is undecided.

Pennsylvania voters are divided on Santorum's job performance, with high levels of partisan separation on the way that he is handling his role as the commonwealth's junior Senator Likely Democratic nominee Bob Casey Jr. maintains a solid favorable to unfavorable ratio, but most voters in the state have not set an opinion of Casey at this time.

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