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October 31, 2004


Thanks to AMERICAblog;

AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth

Kerry Ahead in 6 States (FL, IA, MI, MN, PA, WI);
Bush Continues to Lead in 3 States (CO, NV, OH);
New Mexico in Play, Tied at 49%,
New Reuters/Zogby Ten States Battleground Poll Reveals

"Democratic hopeful John Kerry continues to lead in six battleground states, and has surged to a tie in New Mexico, according to the latest Reuters/Zogby ten-state battleground poll. The poll also found President Bush continuing to lead in Ohio, Nevada and Colorado. The telephone polls of approximately 600 likely voters per state were conducted from Thursday through Sunday (October 28-31, 2004). The margin of error is /- 4.1 percentage points."

ABP - This would put Kerry in the 300's for electoral votes.

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