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April 24, 2004

Women... Educate Yourself!

Kavita Ramdas of the Global Fund for Women relayed an interesting fact on Now with Bill Moyers (from the transcript):

In India there was a study some years ago that measured the increase in a child's upper arm circumference. Which is how you measure malnutrition. You can literally measure decreases in malnutrition or more robust upper arms in skinny children by tracing… correlating it to an additional year of the mother's education.

So one additional year of a women having stayed in school, having gotten an education for one additional year literally correlates to decreases in her child being sick and her child being unwell to increases in the likelihood of those children going to school. Staying in school. Those girls, the children of mothers who've been educated get married at later ages, have children at later ages.

Fascinating and amazing statistic. And, isn't it nice to know that funds have been diverted from educating women (thus, affecting children) to the war in Iraq?

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